El manual de verano debe incluir los exámenes físicos deportivos para niños
Después de que los niños terminen de cantar “no más lápices, no más libros…”, ya sabe que el verano ha comenzado. La rutina cambia a quedarse despierto...
May 29 1
Basta de excusas: Deje de fumar hoy mismo
Dicen que Mark Twain una vez dijo lo siguiente: "Dejar de fumar es fácil. Yo lo hice cientos de veces". No importa si realmente Twain dijo esto, lo que...
May 31
Can Being Overweight Affect Your Pregnancy?
Did you know that obesity can affect not only a woman’s ability to carry an infant to term but also could result in developmental problems for the baby?...
Jan 19
How Support Groups Can Help You Cope With A Loved One’s Suicide
After learning about the death of someone from suicide, a silence falls as people often are left speechless. At the same time, questions flood your mind. Fortunately,...
Sep 28
Understanding Common Health Insurance Terms
When it comes to health insurance, you need to know a lot of different terms, but unless you deal with them every day, they can be confusing. The good...
Sep 13
The Benefits Of Physical Therapy
I consider myself a savvy health care consumer. I also like options and information when I’m facing a health issue. In college, I tore the anterior cruciate...
Jun 28 1
Stroke Survivor Aims To Inspire Others To Think FAST
Terri Cunningham knew what a stroke looked like. She saw her mother suffer two strokes. Her grandmother died from a cerebral hemorrhage. She knew the common...
May 27 1
To Tackle Diabetes, Discover What Moves Us
Just do it. Oh, if it was only that simple. What is the secret to motivating a person to change his behavior? To break decades-long habits that set a course...
Nov 16

Sara Quale