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How Hazardous Is Your Handbag?

Is your purse a bottomless treasure trove of supplies? You name it, it’s in your purse right now. That’s why you never go anywhere without it. Well, your kids have caught on to the magic nature of your Mary Poppins-esque handbag and they’ll do anything to dig around in it when they’re bored. To discuss the dangers of your purse, we spoke with Bryan Kuhn, MD, a pharmacist and poison education specialist at the Banner Poison and Drug Information Center.

Dr. Kuhn identified eleven hazards in your purse that could present a danger to your child or pet. Check our helpful infographic below to learn more!

Hazards in a Handbag Infographic

If you have questions regarding household poison or if someone in your home may have been poisoned, contact the Banner Poison & Drug Information Center at (800) 222-1222.

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