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What to Expect During Outpatient Surgery

Surgery can cause uneasy feelings in everyone. Knowing what to expect can help prepare you and ease some stress. When it comes to getting ready for outpatient surgery, you can trust the experts at Banner Health to provide all the necessary information to help you prepare for what to expect during surgery. 

Preparing for Outpatient Surgery

Whether this is your first or your fifth surgery, it’s important to follow any specific guidelines your doctor provides you about preparing for surgery. In general, follow these do’s and don'ts in the days leading up to your surgery. 


  • Call your doctor if you are feeling under the weather before your surgery
  • Talk to your doctor about your current medications and when to take them before surgery
  • Bring a picture ID and your medical insurance card
  • Bring someone with you to take you home after your procedure


  • Eat or drink after midnight the day before your surgery
  • Have gum, candy, mints, throat lozenges 
  • Smoke after midnight the day before surgery

What to Expect While You’re at an Outpatient Facility

When you have your surgery at an outpatient facility, there are a few key differences you will notice right away. Outpatient facilities are quieter and calmer than inpatient facilities. They also offer a comfortable, personalized, higher-quality of care. These facilities are usually more convenient and often come at a lower cost to the patient, all while being just as safe as an inpatient facility.

What to Expect After Outpatient Surgery

The type of surgery you had will determine what to expect after your outpatient procedure. General recovery time can vary from one hour to a few, depending on surgery and anesthesia. When you’re ready to leave the outpatient facility, it’s important to make sure your vitals are stable and you can walk on your own. Be aware of your body and potential complications that can occur once you are home. If you are experiencing a fever or excessive pain in the surgery area, call your doctor to determine your next steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions Around Outpatient Surgery 

Q: Should I take my daily medication before surgery?
A: Talk to your doctor about medications you can and cannot take the day before and the day of your surgery.

Q: What if I do not feel well the day of surgery?
A: Call your doctor and reschedule your procedure.

Q: Can I drive home after surgery?
A: No. It’s important to have someone with you on the day of your surgery to drive you home.

Q: What if I do not feel well after surgery? 
A: Call your doctor to discuss your symptoms if you are not feeling well after your surgery.

The professionals at Banner Surgery Centers are here to make your upcoming surgery as comfortable as possible. Reach out to your doctor with any questions or concerns both before and after your procedure. We’re here to help get you back to normal after your surgery.

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