Programs & Outreach Care

At Banner Children's, we care about kids! That is why we offer special programs to ensure they are getting the best healthcare if uninsured and best education if they have emotional or learning challenges.

Learn more about these programs:

Banner Children's Hospital School

The Banner Children's Hospital School program helps with that and brings the classroom to the hospital. Our staff of experienced teachers offers on-site classroom or bedside teaching to help kids keep up with their studies while they are in the hospital.

Learn more about our Hospital School.

Banner Academy

Banner Academy educates children with learning and emotional issues, including Asperger's syndrome and autism-spectrum disorders.

Learn more about Banner Academy.

Community Clinics & Healthmobile

Keeping kids healthy can be quite a task, especially if your child is not covered by insurance! That's why we offer health services to uninsured children in the Phoenix Metropolitan area through Community Clinics and Banner Children’s Healthmobile.

Learn more out our pediatric outreach care.