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Do I Have Anxiety, Depression or Both? Here’s How to Tell
Many of us will feel anxious or sad from time to time. Things like starting a new job, a loss of a loved one or other pivotal shifts in our lives can significantly...
Sep 17
Could I Benefit from Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy?
Are you feeling more anxious during the pandemic? Are negative thoughts clawing their way into your everyday way of thinking? Are they impacting your well-being...
Sep 15
Sugerencias para manejar la ansiedad durante la COVID-19
Detente. Toma una breve pausa y enfócate en tu respiración. … ¿Te percataste de que tu corazón está latiendo un poco más rápidamente que lo necesario?...
Jul 15
Navegando la Depresión Posparto Durante la COVID-19
Las primeras semanas y meses de cuidar a un recién nacido pueden dejar a muchas madres recientes sintiéndose exhaustas, abrumadas y privadas de sueño....
Jul 09
Myths About Bipolar Disorder
Although TV and film are doing a better job of depicting mental health disorders like bipolar disorder – “Shameless,” “Homeland” and “Modern Love” – there...
Jun 22
Do I Have Body Dysmorphia?
We all have insecurities about ourselves. Whether it’s wishing we were thinner or had a smaller nose, there is always something we feel like we could tweak...
Jun 09
Will Acupuncture Treat My Chronic Pain?
Acupuncture has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years but has only gained steam in western countries like the United States...
Jun 08
Cushing’s Syndrome: What You Need to Know
Jun 06
Supporting an Adult Child with Mental Illness
Millions of children and young adults are living with a mental health disorder. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 50% of mental illness...
Jun 03
Will Medication Help My Menopause Symptoms?
Menopause: It’s a rite of passage for all women. But, ask any woman who is going through it— or has gone through it—and she can likely tell you a list...
May 28