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Ketogenic (Keto) Diet

What is it?

The ketogenic (keto) diet was originally created to help treat epilepsy. In more recent years, it has been used as a form of weight loss for many individuals. The ketogenic diet focuses on eating extremely low amounts of carbohydrates, moderate protein and very high fat. The purpose of doing this is to shift the body into using stored fat for energy (ketosis), rather than carbohydrates.


  • May help with weight loss.
  • May be beneficial for individuals who enjoy high fat foods (avocado, cheese, eggs, etc.).
  • Calorie counting is not necessary to reach ketosis.
  • High fat foods help to keep you satiated.


  • High fat meats may not be beneficial for overall health.
  • Avoiding carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and sugar can be quite difficult for many individuals.
  • May not be beneficial for athletes as carbohydrates are a main source of fuel for physical performance.


Try out the keto diet with the below recipes.

Nutrition Weight Loss Decoding the Diet

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