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Order your meal with the push of a button - Download our Mobile App!

Banner Health is happy to announce that we are introducing a new mobile meal ordering experience for our patients! Patients can now place their own food order at their own convenience, with no waiting. 

As we strive for better patient outcomes and improved patient experiences, it’s important to engage patients in their own care. Putting control in the hands of the patient – serving them the food that is most appetizing to them when they are ready to eat – increases patient satisfaction and has proven to increase patient intake. Our new self-service meal order app is CBORD® PatientTM and it is available on any mobile device or tablet

How it works

It’s easy – download the app, browse the menu, and place the order. As patients browse the menu, only foods that are appropriate for their current diet are displayed. Controls are in place to limit the number of choices. If a patient is on a nutrient controlled diet (e.g. fluid, carbohydrate, protein, etc.) the app will guide the patient’s menu choices and prevent them from exceeding their limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the patient access the CBORD Patient app?
Patients download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Is there a cost for CBORD Patient app?
The app is completely free for patients to download and use.

Can every patient place their meal order via the app?
While it is available, we understand that ordering with an app may not be a good fit for every patient. Our staff will still be able to assist all patients with ordering their meals.

What if a patient does not order via the app, will they still get a meal?
Patients can continue to order their meals by calling or visiting with a nutrition representative. In addition, our software keeps track of who has ordered meals. If someone does not order a meal, our staff will provide the patient with a meal featuring our Chef Selections.

What if a patient is on a special diet restricting a nutrient like Carbohydrates or Sodium?
For patients on therapeutic diets, the app will display their nutrient limits for the meal, as well as the amount of each nutrient in the menu items. The patient will be prevented from exceeding the nutrition limits prescribed by their care team.

Can visitors or guests order meals with the app?
Guests of patients can order a tray using the app.

What about security?
The app is very secure. It accesses our hospital systems using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Personal health information is NEVER stored in the app or on the mobile device.

What if a patient needs help using Digital Meal Ordering or the CBORD Patient app?
Digital Meal Ordering is very easy to use, and similar to other apps many patients are already familiar with. But we understand that not every patient will be comfortable ordering this way. Patients are encouraged to reference our in-room marketing, seek the support of our staff or may continue to order meals by calling or visiting with a nutrition representative. 

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