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Process and department boards

Banner Health works diligently to provide the highest quality care for our patients and their families and we’re dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to improve. Our Daily Management System (DMS) process and department boards are the result of that spirit - created, tested and refined by a team of our experts in safety, patient care and quality.

Daily Management System boards are prominently displayed in the department hallways of our facilities and serve as visual management tools to streamline communication with real-time information for our care teams. They do not include any protected health information (PHI), which ensures patient privacy.

The boards promote transparency by clearly displaying metrics and goals regarding patient care, safety and efficient operations. This fosters accountability amongst our teams and encourages open communication so we can provide the very best care for our patients.

Our Daily Management System boards: 

  • Provide a central hub for real-time communication among our patient care teams to share important updates, announcements
    or solutions
  • Better equip our teams to ensure they’re confident, informed and fully supported so they can deliver exceptional care
  • Facilitate team problem-solving with visual representations of data and trends so we can focus on common goals and target
    areas of improvement
  • Have proven effective to positively impact patients and their families

Staff huddles and Daily Management System boards

In addition to Daily Management System boards, our care teams participate in regular huddles to discuss relevant updates and address challenges or concerns.

Staff Huddles:

  • Create a supportive environment to share critical information, discuss patient care needs and develop solutions to improve care coordination
  • Encourage efficiency and patient safety discussions about upcoming procedures, patient transfers and potential risks

We’re focused on patient-centered care and committed to earning the trust of our patients and their families. Our DMS boards and staff huddles are one more example of our Mission to make health care easier, so life can be better. 

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