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Summer Safety Tips: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy the Season

School’s out for the summer! With COVID-19 vaccinations on the rise, getting out this summer is at the top of everyone’s mind. Whether you’re going on a road trip, sending your kids to camp or just relaxing by the pool, these tips can help keep your family safe this summer season.

While soaking up the sun

Anytime you are outdoors in the sun, it’s important to protect your skin from potential damage. While tanning in the sun might sound fun, unprotected exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays can have a lasting negative impact on your body. From sunburns to skin cancer, being aware of your sun exposure and taking the proper steps to protect your skin are important.

For more information on melanoma, skin cancer and ways to stay safe in the sun this summer, check out these additional articles:

Firing up the summer festivities

The sun isn't the only thing that can burn you this summer. Cookouts, BBQs and family get-together are all fun activities that can go wrong if you don't properly prepare. Check out the following articles for ways to stay safe while firing up the grill or enjoying the fireworks.

Read this article to learn what you should know about burns. Regardless of the cause of the injury, some burns will require specialized care. To learn more about burn care services at Banner Health, visit bannerhealth.com.

In the heat of the season

When you’re out and about pursuing outdoor activities during the summer, you may feel a variety of symptoms caused by excessive heat exposure. Some examples include heat exhaustion, cramps, severe headaches and sometimes a heat stroke. Taking the time to learn about staying safe in the heat can potentially save your life. 

And while accidents do happen in the heat, being especially aware of your surroundings can also save the life of someone you love. To many of us, it probably seems impossible to forget our child in a car. But it happens, and in the summer heat, it can have tragic consequences. Be aware of your surroundings and never leave a child alone in a car.

Make sure to drink enough water

Do you know if you or your children are drinking enough water? How much water should you drink per day? Forget the simple math—eight glasses a day isn’t the answer. And forget the complicated math, too—half your body weight in ounces isn’t right, either. Check out these articles to learn more about staying hydrated this summer:

Swimming like a fish

Many families take a break from the summer heat by spending time at the pool and other water sources. Unfortunately, this can create a potential for water-related injuries and death—even if someone can swim. For more information on child, teen, and adult drowning prevention, check out these articles:

When lightning strikes

You always hear stories about lightning strikes and how the chances of being hit by one are extremely rare. Although that is true – it is always better to protect yourself when the risk is high. Here’s what you can do when lightning strikes!

Getting back to nature

We are in the hottest time of year and thousands of avid hikers and campers continue to lace up their boots and hit the open trails, lakes, and campsites across the country. Getting outside is a good thing no matter what time of year it is and there is plenty of beauty to enjoy in the summer months. However, safety is paramount when you are doing any outdoor recreation. Check out these articles to keep the great outdoors as stress-free as possible:

Bugs, scorpions and snakes…oh my!

With summer here, many of us will find ourselves outdoors with friends and family, barbecuing, hiking and splashing around in the water. While you are enjoying the warmer weather, so are some other uninvited guests: bugs and other biting critters. Each year, the Banner Poison and Drug Information Center receives thousands of calls about bugs, scorpions and snakes, particularly in the summer months, so understanding what to do in the case of a bite or sting is very important.

For more information about desert critters like scorpions, black widows and rattlesnakes, check out these articles:

In the case of an emergency related to drugs or poisoning, dial (800) 222-1222 to be connected to a local poison and drug information center near you.

Be prepared with first aid essentials

Usually, a Band-Aid and a kiss can make any child’s ouchie better, but it’s still important to be ready for any of life’s ups and downs, sprains and strains—no matter your age. Because unintentional injuries happen all the time, being prepared with a first aid kit and appropriate medications for injuries, minor cuts, scrapes, burns and sprains can make all the difference. Read more on first aid essentials and summer must-haves.

Keeping you on your toes

With the warm summer months also comes the time for sandals, flip-flops and other pool gear. What you don’t want, is to be dealing with any foot problems when trying to enjoy the summer fun. Check out these articles to help protect your feet in the summer heat:

Your summer safety shopping list

Summer means days at the pool, road trips to the lake and hiking through the mountains. Your kids are homework-free and ready for the next adventure. But are YOU ready? Take this summer safety shopping list with you to the store and kick off a fun and safe summer!

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