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Treating Your Sports Medicine Injury

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Banner Sports Medicine specialists will thoroughly evaluate your complaints and perform a complete physical exam. If necessary, an x-ray or MRI may need to be ordered. We will explain your diagnosis and will review a comprehensive treatment plan to help you get back to your previous activity level.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Depending on your injury, the experts at Banner offer several different treatment options to help you recover, including:

Physical Therapy

Your provider will prescribe a physical therapy program to treat your injury.  Banner Health's physical therapists have broad expertise in treating all sports injuries. Learn more about physical therapy

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a nonsurgical method of harnessing the body’s own healing responses. It directs therapy right to the source of the pain or injury to jumpstart healing and is effective for chronic tendon issues and osteoarthritis of certain joints. Learn more about regenerative therapy

Change Shoes and Sports Equipment

Sometimes preventing an injury is as simple as changing out your shoes or ensuring you’re using the correct sports equipment.

Splints or Braces

No matter the extent of your injury, Banner Health can provide splints, casts, knee braces or ankle braces to make sure your injury heals properly.

Injection Therapy 

Sometimes an injection can help your body heal quicker and decrease your pain.  Your physician will discuss with you what options are available.


Banner’s expert staff includes sports medicine orthopedic surgeons that are ready to help fix any serious injury.

Let the sports medicine experts at Banner Health treat any sports-related ailments and get you on the road to recovery today.